Airfreight – The Air Cargo Security Program

Mario Lefebvre / Director Airfreight
Axxess International Inc.

If you are a Canadian shipper and have domestic, international or trans-border (United States) cargo departing from a CATSA (Canadian Air Transport Security Authority) designated Canadian airport onboard a passenger flight, you need to know the key requirements and timelines that may affect your operations

The Export Air Cargo Security Program (ACS)   

Transports Canada is working with the air cargo industry to:

  • Develop an ACS Program that meets the highest standards;
  • Reduce risks to the safety and security of travelling passengers;
  • Keep goods moving in and out of Canada efficiently

By December 31, 2012, 100% of the cargo transported onboard a domestic, international or trans-border passenger flight departing from a CATSA (Canadian Air Cargo Transportation Authority)-designated Canadian airport must be secured, confirmed at the air carrier level, and meet security requirements.

For domestic and international passenger flights, cargo must come from a Registered Shipper or be actively screened using approved methods, by either an Approved Participant or the Air Carrier. Registered shipper’s cargo will pass to an air carrier or through an Approved Participant in the ACS Program.

After December 31, 2012 Export shipments received at the airports and considered “not secured” will be screened by warehouse agents or airlines and could face a charge per kilo for screening. Delays could occur on the departure of these shipments.

To become a Registered Shipper

You will need a Business Number (issued by the Canada Revenue Agency), a Canadian business address, and a referral that can confirm an existing business relationship with respect to shipping air cargo (i.e. Axxess International Inc, a freight forwarder or air carrier).

To obtain a shipper application form and become a registered shipper please contact our experts
at Axxess International at our airport office Tel.:  514.636.7778 or toll ree 1.877.636.7622

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