Airports association reports strong increase in July freight volumes

Airports Council International (ACI), the trade association of the world’s airports, reports that it members freight volumes continued their increase in July. On a year to date basis, global volume reached 8.4%, drawing a particularly stark contrast with July 2016, where this number stood at 0.9%.

Most regions posted strong growth in freight volume, with Africa leading the group at 18.1%, followed by Europe (11.2%), the Middle East (10.6%) and Asia-Pacific (9.3%). North America and Latin-America and Caribbean, did not benefit from the same surge, increasing 6.5% and 3.8% respectively, in line with their year to date numbers.

Two countries in particular helped boost Africa’s freight numbers: South Africa and Kenya, both posting growth rates of more than 20%. Although most countries in Europe benefitted from significant growth in July, Germany and the UK, the two largest freight markets in the region, contributed significantly to these numbers, standing at 9.3% and 12.5% respectively.

As with the passenger traffic numbers, Istanbul Atatürk Airport (IST) stood out in freight volumes, growing 32.2% year over year. Continuing a trend started in March, London-Heathrow (LHR) contributed a significant part of the freight market’s increase in volume, growing 15.1% in July, year over year. Despite a decrease in passenger traffic at Doha International Airport (DOH) due to diplomatic fallout in the region, the airport continued its sustained growth in freight volume, reaching 14.5% year over year.

Source: ACI

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