American lobby group petitions for anti-dumping duties on Canadian lumber

An alliance of American lumber producers asked the United States Department of Commerce and the U.S. International Trade Commission to investigate imports of softwood lumber products from Canada.

The group is seeking the imposition of countervailing and anti-dumping duties on Canadian lumber, claiming that imports cause injury to American industry.

According to Global Affairs Canada, the group “alleges that the Canadian federal and provincial governments are providing countervailable subsidies to Canadian softwood lumber producers, and that these subsidized exports are causing injury or threaten to cause injury to U.S. lumber producers.

The anti-dumping petition alleges that Canadian firms are dumping lumber into the U.S. market, essentially selling lumber products in the United States for less than they sell them in Canada, or selling these products below the cost of production. The coalition alleges that dumped exports are causing injury or threaten to cause injury to U.S. lumber producers.”

Global affairs says the U.S. Department of Commerce is expected to make a decision on whether it will initiate countervailing duty and anti-dumping investigations within 20 days of the filing of the petition. The Government of Canada says it intends to hold consultations with Commerce within the 20 day period concerning the allegations in the petition prior to the initiation of an investigation.

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