Annual rise in U.S. airlines July cargo was the largest increase in a decade

U.S. airlines carried almost 13% more cargo by weight in July 2020 (preliminary) than in July 2019, the largest annual increase since 2010. The rise was fueled by a gain of almost 16% in domestic cargo while the 4.5% rise in international cargo was the first annual gain since March 2019, according to data filed with the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) by 15 of the leading cargo airlines.

The 15 airlines carry 97% of the total cargo by weight on U.S. airlines. Cargo data consists of freight and mail carried within the U.S. and between the U.S. and foreign points.

July 2020 (preliminary) air cargo numbers for 15 U.S. carriers:

• Total: 1,643 thousand tons, up 12.8% from July 2019 (1,457T tons)
• Domestic: 1,235 thousand tons, up 15.8% from July 2019 (1,066T tons)
• International: 408 thousand tons, up 4.5% from July 2019 (390T tons)

July 2020 was the third consecutive month that U.S. airlines carried more total cargo than they did during the same month of the previous year.

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