Biden Administration Pushing Shippers, Carriers to Expand Operating Hours

Big-box retailers and their rail- and truck-carrier partners are the next targets of a more round-the-clock operating regime being coordinated by the Biden administration to help solve the supply chain capacity crisis gripping the country.

John Porcari, tapped in August by President Joe Biden as port envoy to the administration’s Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force, told a meeting of exporters on Thursday that over the next 90 days he will work to expand the operating strategy that began in September at the nation’s largest container port complex.

“The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach made the first move by having longer gate hours and saying, ‘We’re open for business,’” Porcari told attendees of the Agriculture Transportation Coalition’s annual conference.

“We’re now working on the rest of the supply chain, including the railroads, trucking and the major customers you all know – the Walmarts, FedExes, Home Depots and others – to make commitments to operate more 24/7 as well, because the off-peak capacity is what we can use right now to fix what is a very serious problem.”

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