Brexit: what will happen to CETA between UK and Canada?

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As you know, the UK Government is committed to leave the European Union (EU) on April 12th 2019 – a date which is fast approaching.

April 12th 2019 is scheduled to be the formal date of withdrawal. The CETA tariff treatment will apply to goods while Brexit is in place up until April 12th.

Under a withdrawal agreement, there is a transition period planned, from April 12th 2019 to December 31st 2020 to allow businesses and others to prepare for post-Brexit rules. During this period, the UK can clarify its relationship with third countries like Canada.

However, talks are continuing and there is no word whether CETA will remain in place during the transition period.

In the absence of a withdrawal agreement, the UK will be treated as a non-UE country for customs purposes as of April 12th 2019.

Axxess International experts can guide you in the analysis of your products from the UK to determine if your products will be impacted in case of absence of a withdrawal agreement.


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