Canadian manufacturing sales rose 1.5% in November to $51.8 billion

Statistics Canada announced that the manufacturing sales rose 1.5% in November to $51.8 billion, following a 0.6% decline in October. The increase was mainly the result of higher sales in the primary metal, petroleum and coal product, and chemical manufacturing industries.

According to the Federal agency, overall, sales were up in 14 of the 21 industries, representing 68% of Canadian manufacturing sales.

Primary metal manufacturing sales rose 9.1% to $4.0 billion following two months of decline. This was the largest gain in dollar terms since April 2012. The increase in sales was widespread among all five primary metal manufacturing industries. However, the non-ferrous metal production and processing and the iron and steel pipes and tubes manufacturing industries posted the largest sales gain in dollars in November.

Petroleum and coal product sales increased 3.7% to $4.5 billion in November, their highest level since September 2015. Sales in the chemical manufacturing industry rose 3.4% to $4.4 billion, the fifth increase in six months. Sales of wood products (+3.8%), food (+0.9%) and machinery (+2.7%) also increased in November.

In contrast, sales in the transportation equipment industry decreased 2.3% to $10.3 billion. The decline was mainly the result of decreases in the aerospace product and parts industry (-7.4%) and the other transportation equipment industry (-26.8%), which had posted a significant increase the previous month.

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