Canadian manufacturing sales rose for the third consecutive month

Statistics Canada reports that manufacturing sales increased for the third consecutive month, up 0.6% to $53.8 billion in January.

According to the federal agency, the gain stemmed from a 2.3% increase in non-durable goods sales, led by the petroleum and coal, and chemical industries.

Overall, sales were up in 14 of 21 industries, representing 75.4% of the total Canadian manufacturing sector.

Sales in the petroleum and coal products industry grew 7.0% to $5.5 billion in January, the fourth consecutive monthly gain. Sales in the chemical manufacturing industry rose 2.5% to $4.5 billion, the third increase in four months.

Overall sales in the transportation equipment industry declined 2.9% to $10.9 billion, although sales in the motor vehicle industry increased 3.9% to $6.0 billion in January. This gain was not sufficient to offset decreases in the other transportation equipment (-44.7%) and aerospace product and parts (-11.8%) industries.

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