Canadian Shipowners Association merges with Chamber of Marine Commerce

The Chamber of Marine Commerce and the Canadian Shipowners Association (CSA) announced a merger agreement aimed at creating a strong, united voice for commercial shipping in Canada and the United States.

Under the terms of the agreement, the Chamber of Marine Commerce will assume the assets, liabilities and staff of the CSA. Based in Ottawa, Canada, the merged entity will continue to be called the Chamber of Marine Commerce.

“We’re uniting two organizations that have successfully promoted the interests of commercial marine shipping for many decades,” said Wayne Smith, Chairman of the Chamber of Marine Commerce. “Both associations recognize that we have many shared goals and issues and that combining our resources will make us a much stronger advocate for the future growth of our industry.”

Allister Paterson, Chairman of the CSA, added: “One of our common objectives is to foster a harmonized and efficient regulatory climate throughout the bi-national Great Lakes and St. Lawrence region and along the eastern seaboard and northern coasts. Our combined teams will now be working in tandem to deliver that message to the public, media and all levels of government in Canada and the U.S.”

The memberships of both industry associations formally approved the merger on September 28, 2016.

Source: Chamber of Marine Commerce

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