Canadian shippers’ ground transportation costs decreased by 0.5% in September

Results published by the Canadian General Freight Index (CGFI) indicate that the total cost of ground transportation for Canadian shippers decreased by 0.5% in September, as compared with August results.

The Base Rate Index, which excludes the impact of accessorial charges assessed by carriers, decreased by 0.4% in September.

Average fuel surcharges assessed by carriers increased slightly this month. Fuel was 16.33% of Base Rates in September versus 16.31% in August.

“Total Freight Costs decreased by 0.5% from last month for the 3rd straight month of decline,” said Doug Payne, President of CGFI sponsor Nulogx. “Domestic LTL increased marginally while Domestic Truckload remained flat. Cross Border LTL & Truckload costs declined. Year over year, Cross Border LTL is well above last years level. Domestic LTL Costs are above last year’s level, while Cross Border & Domestic TL remain below last years level,” continued Payne.

Source: CGFI

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