Canadian truckload spot market kept rising in September

September load volumes on Loadlink’s Canadian spot market witnessed the strongest year-over-year growth for a single month in over two years.

On a monthly scale, load postings rose once again for the fourth consecutive month with 12 percent more loads available in September compared to August. Equipment numbers saw a small uptick, which allowed the truck-to-load balance to tip slightly in favour for carriers as growing demand outstripped supply.

Load volumes were up the start of September at and held steady throughout the first week of the month, possibly in preparation for the arrival of the new school year despite the ongoing pandemic. The Labour Day holiday removed a business day’s worth of loads from the market, and foreshadowed lower posting volumes during that same week.

The Canadian spot market bounced back at the halfway mark of the month by averaging a three percent increase in weekly loads throughout weeks two through four. The gradual weekly improvement culminated in the last week of September, which saw the highest load posting volumes since the pandemic began.

Source: Loadlink

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