Cargo theft in Brazil up 14% in second quarter of this year

SensiGuard published its cargo theft report for the second quarter of the year in Brazil.

The most-stolen product types in Brazil in Q2-2017 were Miscellaneous, Food & Drinks, Electronics and Tobacco.

The most common type of cargo theft incident is robbery. Armed Hijackings occur in 85% of cases, followed by Attempted Hijacking (9%) and Facility Theft (4%).

Statistics show an increase in cargo theft across the country. Only a few states, such as Espírito Santo and Santa Catarina, have maintained or dropped their cargo theft rates.

The large number of thefts reported in the state of Rio de Janeiro stands out. The economic crisis that the state is going through has caused an increase in the rates of crime and has affected its means to combat it. At the end of July, the government began discussions to devise a plan to combat cargo theft.

Source: SensiGuard

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