China remains the main source of counterfeit goods seized in Europe

The European Commission recently published statistics relating to seizures of counterfeit goods. Customs authorities detained more than 41 million fake and counterfeit products at the European Union’s external border in 2016. The goods had a total value of over €670 million.

Cigarettes were the top category (24%) for articles detained and toys the second largest group (17%), followed by foodstuffs (13%) and packaging material (12%). The number of intercepted articles rose by 2% compared to 2015.

The Commission says China remains the clear leader when it comes to the provenance of fake goods: 80% of detained articles arrived from China in 2016.

Large amounts of cigarettes originated in Vietnam and Pakistan, while Singapore was the top source for counterfeit alcoholic beverages. Iran was the main source country for fake clothing accessories. Hong Kong was the leader for counterfeit mobile phones and India topped the list for counterfeit medicines.

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