CIFFA asks members, customers to press federal government for swift resolution to possible rail strike at CN

Dear customers,

Axxess would like to inform you about the potential rail strike at CN.

As per the message received from CIFFA :

CIFFA is urging its members and their customers to contact the federal government by email today, to advise them of the impact of a potential rail strike at CN. The Teamsters union has given CN a 72-hour strike notice and could legally walk off the job Tuesday morning at 0400.

CIFFA is asking members to send emails to Ottawa outlining how a rail strike would negatively impact their business, and how their customers would be impacted.

CIFFA wrote to three federal ministers on Friday, May 26, and will continue to press for swift legislative action in the event of a rail stoppage, which would severely impact the movement of goods in Canada.

Please contact the following federal ministers so that they will be aware of the tremendous impact a rail stoppage would have on the Canadian economy and the trade community.

It is important to bring pressure to bear to get federal legislation before the strike. The federal government has asked for specificity from the transportation and trade community. It is imperative that we generate as much discussion as possible around the impacts of a potential strike.

For every day of work stoppage, West Coast ports would need several days to recover from backups.
CN said it is continuing to bargain with a federally appointed mediator and is willing to agree to binding arbitration to settle unresolved issues, before even entering a work stoppage.

Some 3,000 conductors, train and yard workers are affected by the negotiations.

If you have any questions concerning this situation, please contact the Axxess International Freight Department.


Benoit Lacelle

International Transports Director

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