CN is in recovery process following the end of the strike

CN announced on Thursday that it is implementing a recovery plan following the end of the 8-day long strike.

The 8-day strike caused the railway’s network to run at approximately 10% capacity. Every strike day can cause several days of backlog, requiring time for the network to be fully current once it has returned to pre-strike operation levels.

In the coming days, CN will continue to initiate its recovery plan and will stay in close direct contact with customers of the railroad to collect feedback on progress.

“CN remains focused on growth and is already in recovery mode as our employees return to their normal shifts,” said JJ Ruest, president and chief executive officer of CN. “Overriding emphasis will be placed on safety as we implement a disciplined and progressive ramp up to avoid congestion that can overwhelm parts of the supply chain that are the most vulnerable.”

Source: CN

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