Client experience

Quality of Service

The company is dedicated to the provision of the highest quality services in the customs brokerage, customs consulting, international freight forwarding, air, sea, land inbound and outbound as well as North American transportation services.

The core of AXXESS is THE TEAM. A team of experienced, interested, and competent people, who are flexible, available and understand the importance of combining the values of the past with today’s technology.

They are the key to the quality services Axxess provides. The management believes that a happy employee, one with experience, knowledge and motivation, operating in a great work environment can deliver the highest quality service to his clients.

Furthermore, Axxess works with the continuous improvement model to excel in client satisfaction. Understanding client requirements from the basis on which improvements are made, clear communication along with well documented procedures contribute to getting it right the first time.

Our Technology

shutterstock_105421997At Axxess International, technology is not only considered a productivity tool to allow us to better conduct business, it is also a “business enabler” that improves work relationships with our clients.

In the world of logistics, where goods travel faster than ever, the information about trade and movement needs to flow in a fast and comprehensive way. At Axxess International, we realize the importance of having access to freight movement information on the spot. This is why Axxess has developed the most complete tool available on the market: AXXESSible!!


AXXESSible follows closely the movement of your freight and provides information on your transactions and their current status to Canada Customs.AXXESSible is also a Web based tool that enables our clients to send us images of trade documents essential to the transaction. With this technology, the importer/exporter and the Customs Broker/Freight Forwarder become business partners to reach operational efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Pars Tracker

Is a tool that allows you to follow the status of your PARS.


Axxess International has developed other sophisticated tools to exchange trade information by EDI. Whether your company is using Value Added Networks (VAN’s), point-to-point communication or Internet (using FTP or e-mail), Axxess International IT team can adapt to the technology you are currently using. At Axxess International, information technology is essential to conduct business and trade activities and we are proud to share it with you.


Despite all the sophisticated technology deployed in the world of logistics, the use of forms is still quite common. This is why Axxess International has developed a web based tool to help importers/exporters manage forms. Axxess Forms Helper provides regulated form templates that allow you to be more productive, transaction after transaction. You can be sure that you are using the latest version and that common information is shared with all other forms.