Court Receivership for Hanjin Shipping

The container carrier Hanjin Shipping has filed for court receivership since they are no longer receiving financial support from creditors. Hanjin Shipping has not announced the court receivership officially, but has been going through final struggles in the past years. All new bookings and loadings have been cancelled. By fear of not being able to get their commissions, some ports in China, Europe and North America refused the access to several Hanjin ships. In Canada, existing discharged freight at West coast port locations is being rail loaded onto the CN network, and will be available for outgate at destination CN terminals.

If you had Hanjin bookings, Axxess International can assist you and identify the best solutions and rates available minimizing supply chain disruptions. If any of your cargo has been impacted, Axxess International will contact you.

It is to be expected in the near future that rates will increase since the Hanjin customers will be working with new carriers. This new demand is added to the fact that the actual market is struggling with the lack of available space with the carriers. The Axxess team will keep you updated on this situation and the different consequences it has on the market.

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