Cross-border Movement of Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Recyclable Material Regulations (XBR)

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The purpose of this notice is to inform your company about the Cross-border Movement of Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Recyclable Material Regulations that will come into force on October 31, 2021.

These Regulations were published in Canada Gazette, Part II (CGII) on March 17, 2021.

The Regulations can be found HERE.

The objectives of Regulations are to:

  • consolidate and streamline the requirements set out in the Export and Import of Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Recyclable Materials Regulations (EIHWHRMR), the Interprovincial Movement of Hazardous Waste Regulations and the PCB Waste Export Regulations, 1996;
  • provide the flexibility required to more efficiently implement the electronic movement tracking system under development (Canadian Notification and Movement Tracking System (CNMTS);
  • adjust the scope and harmonize the definitions of hazardous waste and hazardous recyclable material; and
  • improve the management of permits and improve its administration

The new version of CNMTS that is aligned with XBR is expected to be released in late summer/early Fall 2021.

There will be a transition period from the EIHWHRMR to the Regulations that will allow regulatees and other interested parties to familiarize themselves with the regulatory requirements, as well as allow sufficient time for new regulatees to notify and obtain a permit prior to the Regulations coming into force. Further information will be available on the Department’s website HERE. Permit holders are encouraged to consult this information and to ensure they allow sufficient time for the processing of any notifications.

A copy of the presentation offered by ECCC last April 22 on this important subject is available if you are interested.

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