Customs Brokerage : Natural Resources Canada HS Codes changes

Marc Filion, CTCS / CCS – Director, Customs Consulting

Please note that there have been changes to the list of HS codes subject to Natural Resources Canada requirements.  These changes have been in effect since September 10, 2012.

Make sure that the following five elements are included on the Customs release request and submitted to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA):

  1. name of product;
  2. model number;
  3. brand name, if any;
  4. address of the dealer who is importing the product; and the
  5. purpose of the importation (for sale or lease in Canada without modification, for sale or lease after being modified to comply, or for use as a component in any other product to be exported from Canada).

We suggest that your suppliers indicate the above requested information on the commercial invoice in order to avoid any delays for the clearance of your goods.

If you have questions regarding these changes, please contact our Customs Consulting Service to obtain more information or assistance at 514-849-9377 or toll free 1-866-449-9377

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