Electronic logging devices for Canadian truck drivers will become mandatory

The Government of Canada will make the use of electronic logging devices by federally regulated truck and bus operators mandatory beginning next year.

This new requirement will come into force on June 12, 2021, and will replace paper-based daily logbooks.

Electronic logging devices are tamper-resistant devices that are integrated into commercial vehicle engines. They are intended to ensure that commercial drivers drive within their daily limit and accurately log their working hours.

The devices track when and how long drivers have been at the wheel, and ensure they are complying with the Government of Canada’s Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulations.

“These new mandatory logging devices in commercial vehicles will improve safety for drivers and for all Canadians,” said Transport Minister Marc Garneau. “Collaboration with stakeholders and partners was key to putting these regulations in place. I thank my provincial and territorial colleagues in helping to develop this technical standard, and look forward to them introducing this requirement for operators within their jurisdictions. We know that fatigue increases the risks of accidents and that is why we are taking action across all modes of transportation.”

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