Freight totals were little changed last year at the Port of Barcelona

Although globally 2019 was marked by a series of uncertainties and disruptions that led to a slowdown in international trade, it was a year of consolidation for the Port of Barcelona. Total traffic – covering all types of cargo – was € 67.7 million tonnes, very close to the 67.8 million achieved during the previous financial year.

It should be noted that more than 35 million tonnes correspond to traffic with the port’s hinterland, i.e. real goods trade excluding transshipments and tare weights. Despite the stagnation in certain segments, in 2019 hinterland traffic maintained the record figure achieved in 2018.

Containers, dry bulk and cars, however, closed the year on a negative note. Container traffic totalled 3.32 million TEUs moved, down 3.2% year on year. Even so, it was the second best year in the history of the Port of Barcelona in terms of containers.

The main decreases were in transit goods (-8%) while import and export containers remained stable (-1%). However, the Port of Barcelona continues to bolster its role as a foreign trade facilitator, with full export and import containers remaining the largest group.

Source: Port of Barcelona

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