German thief vandalizes 32 trucks in one night

FreightWatch International reports that some 32 trucks in different parking locations in Germany, along the A3 & A81 highways in Bavaria, were attacked and had their curtains slashed. (The sides of many trailer trucks in Europe are made of sturdy flexible curtains, as opposed to the metal cladding found on North American trailers. They are loaded and unloaded from the sides.)

Police made an arrest after a driver tipped them off about suspicious activity in an unsecured parking north of Aschaffenburg, Bavaria. Although no goods were stolen, €30,000 of damage was done to curtains of the trailers during the night.

The thief was active in parking areas in Strietwald, Mainhausen, Kohlberg, and Sato, all along the A3. After a brief car-chase, a 31-year-old man was arrested, and will be charged with Criminal Damage and Attempted Theft.

Source: FreightWatch

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