Green Marine adds underwater noise to performance indicators

Green Marine is broadening the scope of its North American environmental certification program by adding two performance indicators dealing with underwater noise emanating from ships and port activities respectively, with the goal of reducing the impact on marine mammals.

By wading into this emerging issue, Green Marine is once again proving its vision and innovation, according to its executive director, David Bolduc. “This issue is being recognized as increasingly important everywhere on the planet by numerous national and international agencies, and we are proud to be at the forefront of the efforts to find solutions,” he says. “It is important to underline that the maritime companies and ports that are certified by Green Marine have voluntarily accepted to adopt the new underwater noise evaluation criteria with no regulations obliging them to do so.”

The new indicators, which apply to ship owners and ports operating in salt water, are the result of collaboration among the industry, environmental organizations, the scientific community and government representatives. Two intensive years of research, discussions and awareness-building were necessary to develop the criteria.

Source: Green Marine

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