Hand sanitizer importation … a success story!

One of our customers recently imported an allowed formulation of Denatured Ethanol Alcohol for the use in the manufacturing of Hand Sanitizer.

In 2008, a procedure was implemented by submitting the release package by paper with a copy of the C.R.A. approval and allowing the Border Officers to override the Endorsement required. It was anticipated back in 2008 that a new HS code would be created for this purpose but it was not. Since the importer was not endorsed the shipments were being blocked by CBSA.

It was somewhat of a challenge for Axxess to get someone at the border office of CBSA to know how to override the system and allow clearance without the license since the process (published by CSCB in 2008) was not used for many years. However, our experts Worked with CBSA Trade Policy and Import and Export Programs, to ensure the correct HS code and that procedures were being followed.

Finally, we successfully managed the situation and the Trade Compliance verified the HS Code 2207.20.19.00.

Axxess International Inc. has been a pioneer in this process, the CBSA recently published Bulletin TCC20-061 to inform all Importers, Brokers and Agents.

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