Important message to Exporters

Please refer to Customs Notice 15-035 dated November 16, 2015 attached.

This notice is for Canadian and Non-Resident Exporters that do not submit B13’s to report exports transiting through the USA to a subsequent country.

CBSA advises they will offer a six month grace period from 01dec15 to 01jun16 to submit a Voluntary Disclosure to declare all unreported, non-exempt exports.

Axxess International can help you to determine the impact of the Regulations on your commercial exports and take advantage of the grace period to disclose unreported goods.

Please contact Marc Filion, Director of Customs Consulting or Marc-Antoine Jean, Senior Customs Consultant for additional details and a quotation for Axxess to prepare your Voluntary Disclosure.

Please contact George Stamoulos, Director of US Customs Montreal for additional details and quotation for Axxess to prepare and submit your B13’s.

Marc Filion, CCS/CTCS

Director, Customs Consulting

Tél : 514-849-9377-Ext.2241

Email :


Marc-Antoin Jean, CCS

Senior Customs Consultant

Tél : 514-849-9377-Ext.2268

Email :

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