Memorandum D11-6-6 and Memorandum D11-6-10

Marc Filion, CTCS / CCS – Director, Customs Consulting

Dear client,

 “Reason to Believe” & Self-Adjustments- Memorandum D11-6-6

CBSA has revised the “Reason to Believe” and Self-Adjustments policy and guidelines concerning the correction of origin, tariff classification and value for duty of imported goods.

Memorandum D11-6-6 has been amended to explain the changes on “Reason to Believe” definition and self-adjustment obligations for importers.

Subject : Reassessment Policy – Memorandum D11-6-10

CBSA has also revised the Reassessment Policy.

Memorandum D11-6-10 has also been amended to reflect the changes on the  reassessment period applicable for the correction of origin, tariff classification and value for duty.

This revised policy will apply based on importers who have been subject to a CBSA trade compliance verification or NOT.


Clients interested by the amendments to these policies from CBSA can contact our Customs Consulting Service to obtain more information or assistance.


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