New targeted relief of surtax on steel and aluminum from the U.S.

The Government of Canada announced this week the Order Amending the United States Surtax Remission Order, which will provide targeted surtax relief on a broader range of products, including for specific companies facing particular circumstances, such as contractual obligations.

On July 1, 2018 Canada applied countermeasures on imports of steel, aluminum, and other products from the U.S. in response to the unjustified tariffs imposed by the United States on Canadian steel and aluminum. The countermeasures against U.S. imports created challenges for Canadian manufacturers, in particular for those that rely on U.S. steel and aluminum imports. In October the Canadian Government announced the first United States Surtax Remission Order, which provided some targeted relief from countermeasures.

The measures announced this week are in addition to the relief granted in October. For details on the added relief provisions see Scope of Application of the Amending Remission Order

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