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New regulations from Environment Canada: Mercury

Important notice – New regulations from Environment Canada on products containing mercury Do you import or manufacture products containing mercury? The Products Containing Mercury Regulations reduce the risks to the environment and human health from mercury found in manufactured products, including measuring...

14 August 2020
Categories: Canadian Custom Brokerage

Quebec Spring Thaw Restrictions

The spring thaw restrictions in Quebec are still in effect. Here are the dates and zones provided by the ministère des transports du Québec.

Zone 1: from Monday March 23rd (00:01) to Friday May 22nd (23 : 59)



14 August 2020
Categories: Canadian Custom Brokerage

Chinese New Year

Please note that the Chinese New Year is from February 19th to February 25th 2015. This Holiday may have an impact on International transport to and from Asia. If you have any questions regarding this holiday and the impacts it may...

14 August 2020
Categories: Freight News