Official inauguration of new border crossing facility at Lansdowne

Canadian government representatives proceeded last week to the official inauguration of the newly constructed Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) facility at the Lansdowne port of entry.

The new facility replaces the former commercial facility built in 1960 and the traveller facility constructed in 1972. The new 76,000 square foot building is approximately three times the size of the old facility. The infrastructure improvements involved the complete renovation and expansion of the entire Canadian plaza, including an expansion of the CBSA travellers’ facility, the secondary examination facilities, and better roadways.

The Federal Bridge Corporation Limited, a Canadian Crown corporation, was tasked with the project’s oversight and completion. Construction of the new facility began in the spring of 2015 and finished in December of 2017.

The old facility had eight primary inspection lanes, which included four regular traffic lanes and four bi-level lanes, used to process both traveller and commercial volume. The new facility has five commercial truck lanes, one bus lane, and eight car lanes, for a new total of fourteen lanes.

The segregated commercial primary processing area provides space for commercial vehicles to move directly into the commercial queues, reducing the back-up of commercial trucks on the Thousand Islands Bridge, which had previously been the cause of significant delays for both the commercial and travelling public.

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