Ottawa invests in road infrastructure adjacent to the Port of Montréal

Minister of Transport Marc Garneau announced major funding of $45.8 million for road infrastructure in the City of Montréal adjacent to the Port of Montréal.

The project provides a direct link between the Port of Montréal and highway to reduce congestion on Notre-Dame Street and ensure containers continually move from the terminals.

The work will involve extending De l’Assomption Boulevard between Notre-Dame and Pierre-de-Coubertin streets, making it possible to connect a new road at the port exit to the future extension of Souligny Avenue. A road link will be created between the port and the Trans-Canada highway.

This project will improve the efficiency and capacity of the Port of Montréal. At rush hour, nearly 3,500 vehicles transit to the Dickson and Notre-Dame intersection.

The three container terminals in the east of Montréal generate nearly 3,600 daily truck movements.

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