Ottawa wants to tighten border controls for dairy and poultry products

The Government of Canada announced that it is taking steps to address concerns about effective border controls for supply-managed commodities in the dairy and poultry sectors.

One of the reasons for this developed after some Canada Border Services Agency verifications found that five participants in the Duties Relief Program were improperly selling supply-managed commodities in the Canadian market without reporting these sales and without paying the required duties.

Program consultations will be launched with industry stakeholders regarding potential changes to the Duties Relief Program and the Import for Re-Export Program.

Another reason justifying the Federal Government’s action is the importation of spent fowl meat, which is meat processed from hens that are no longer laying eggs and which can be imported free of duty. It is alleged that some importers declare broiler chicken meat as spent fowl meat.

In its efforts to ensure appropriate tariff classification of spent fowl, the Government will look at specific options regarding certification requirement for imports of spent fowl product. At the same time, Government officials are assessing the feasibility of using a DNA test to screen imports of spent fowl at the border.

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