Port of Buenos Aires launches expansion and modernization plan

The Port of Buenos Aires Port announced modernization plans that will increase capacity from 1.4 million TEUs in 2020 to 2.7 million TEUs in 2030.

The plan will enable the port to adapt to industry needs for the next fifty years, in a more competitive way, while taking care of environmental and quality standards.

May 2020 will mark the end of contracts of the concessions of the current port terminals, which allows the Port to develop and execute its modernization project.

The plan includes improvements such as a single port access that will decongest traffic in the port area. Additionally, the uninterrupted circulation will reduce environmental and acoustic pollution and will separate heavy traffic from light traffic.

The constitution of a single zone of customs verification will lower costs, add efficiency and speed in operations.

In addition, the total capacity of the port will be increased and connected to the railway system. To guarantee greater transparency in operations, maximum rates will be established to avoid cost overruns and billing surcharges.

Source: Port of Buenos Aires

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