Port of Oakland agricultural exports are up 42.7 percent in last four years

Agricultural exports shipped from the Port of Oakland have increased 42.7 percent in volume since 2013, according to Port officials. The vigorous growth reflects continued strong overseas demand for U.S. farm goods. The port is concerned that this export growth could stall if foreign governments tax American goods in retaliation for Trump Administration tariffs.

“Overseas demand for high-quality American-grown products – especially in Asia – has never been stronger,” said Chris Lytle, the Port’s Executive Director. “We’d be disappointed to see anything curb the gains being made by American producers.”

According to just-released data, Oakland ag export volume totaled 375,727 20-foot containers in 2017. That was up from 263,218 containers just four years ago. The Port said that California producers accounted for 55 percent of Oakland farm shipments last year. Japan, China and South Korea were the top-three export destinations.

According to Port data, leading export commodities from Oakland in 2017 included California almonds and rice. Oakland expects big increases in meat shipments beginning this fall. The Port said a 283,000-square-foot distribution center called Cool Port Oakland should open in September. The distribution center expects to export up to 30,000 containers of beef, pork and poultry annually. The Port said much of that product would originate in the U.S. Midwest.

Source: Port of Oakland

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