Port of Philadelphia breaks monthly cargo records

The Port of Philadelphia (PhilaPort) handled 667,069 metric tons of cargo in August, achieving its highest ever monthly total. Philadelphia also broke new records for monthly container throughput, moving 54,185 TEUs, and forest products, which reached 109,604 metric tons last month.

The previous record for total monthly tonnage was reached back in May of 2017, when 625,935 metric tons were handled.

In the container cargo segment, the port’s old record was 50,152 TEUs, which was achieved in January 2017. Container volumes are recorded in TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units), an industry term used to consolidate the different types of containers into a standard unit of measurement. Containers are used to transport consumer goods such as televisions and clothes, refrigerated food cargoes and sensitive or valuable industrial goods such machine tools and parts. The total tonnage of the cargo inside PhilaPort’s August containers was 376,517 metric tons, which also constituted a new record.

Source: PhilaPort

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