Reinvestigation of values of dry wheat pasta from Turkey

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) initiated a Re-investigation of the normal values, export prices and amounts of subsidy respecting certain dry wheat pasta originating in or exported from Turkey.

An order from the Canadian International Trade Tribunal imposes anti-dumping and/or countervailing duties on importations of the specified goods.

The CBSA advises that the normal values and amounts of subsidy established during this re-investigation will be effective for the subject goods released from the CBSA on or after the date of the conclusion of the re-investigation. Normal values and amounts of subsidy currently in place will expire on that date. In addition, the normal values and amounts of subsidy determined on the basis of the re-investigation will be applied to any entries of subject goods under appeal that have yet to be re-determined at the time of the conclusion of this re-investigation.

Link: Notice of Initiation of Normal Value Review

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