Cargo Insurance

Why should you insure your cargo? Consider the following:

  • Banks require proof of insurance if a shipment is on a letter of credit.
  • Cargo Insurance provides coverage that the carriers don’t. The carrier does not insure your cargo, and their liability is usually less than the value of your goods.
  • Protect your bottom line. Limit your losses by managing the risks.
  • Based on the incoterm selected, at which point are you responsible to insure the cargo?
  • If your shipment is insured locally, claim management for losses and payments are done more easily and readily and you can count on our help to close your files.
  • If your cargo is insured in Canada you eliminate language barriers and currency problems.
  • Protection against General Average. It is important to note that you are responsible not only for your goods but also of the ship or aircraft, not to mention the damages they can cause to others according to the space you occupy.

Request AXXESS to arrange cargo insurance for you – the safe and smart way to secure full payment for general average, or should your goods be damaged, lost or stolen.

At AXXESS we always offer you safe and reliable transport services. However still, there is a risk for accidents.  Axxess can help you manage risks at very low costs. Check with one of our agents how much it will cost to manage and reduce your risks.