Sixty-Two Ships at Anchor in San Pedro Bay

Sixty-two vessels, including 20 container ships destined for the Port of Los Angeles, were at anchor in San Pedro Bay early Wednesday afternoon.

“If we do nothing, we will still have vessels at anchor come midsummer,” Port of LA Executive Director Gene Seroka said during a press conference Wednesday.

“Under normal conditions, we usually don’t have any container ships at anchor. Before the import surge, we would see 10 to 12 container vessels at berth on a typical day here at the Port of LA. Today we are averaging north of 15 container ships being worked every day,” Seroka said. “When ships first started backing up in November, anchorage time was about two and a half days. In February thus far, anchorage time is now tracking at eight days.”

The container terminals, trucking companies, rail and warehouses all are “stretched thin,” he said.

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