Technical documents: Government memorandums, notices and decisions.

This page lists newly published government memorandums, notices, regulations and decisions. Clicking on a title will open the document (in a new window) as published by the relevant department or agency on its own Web site.

Canada Border Services Agency

Global Affairs Canada

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Canadian International Trade Tribunal

  • Appeal No. AP-2018-003 Anderson Watts Ltd. Classification of certain food products consisting primarily of dried wheat noodles and dried vegetable or seasoning packets
  • Appeal No. AP-2017-004 Nouveau Americana DBA Nuevo Americana. Whether various styles of chairs, stools and benches are classifiable as seats for domestic purposes or as seats other than for domestic purposes
  • Appeal No. AP-2018-026 H. Topas. Certain Kosher for Passover cheese and butter goods
  • Inquiry No. GC-2018-001-E1 Certain steel goods.Notice of commencement of exclusions inquiry
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