Texas and California remained top cargo theft states in 2017

According to the SensiGuard Supply Chain Intelligence Center’s U.S. Cargo Theft Annual Report the corporation recorded 649 cargo thefts throughout the United States in 2017. The average value of these thefts was $146,063.

These numbers represent a 15% drop in volume and a very slight (0.01%) increase in average value when compared to 2016.

SensiGuard says that while volume continues to drop, thieves in the United States still present a threat to highly desired shipments. The continued organization and evolution of their methods mean that the threat of cargo theft continues to grow in the United States as thieves broaden their geographical areas of operation and improve their methods to avoid detection and capture.

While 2017 continued the downward trend in reported cargo thefts, this does not indicate a decline in cargo theft risk in the U.S., but rather that organized cargo thieves are honing in on shipments that they know can be fenced easily, or target products that have been “ordered” by grey and black market distributors.

SensiGuard reports that California, which logged 28% of total thefts for the year, claimed the top spot for cargo theft again, but with a 13% drop in theft rate compared to 2016.

Texas, steady at number two, recorded 16% of total thefts in 2017, a slight 2% increase from its 2016 theft rate. New Jersey, still at number three, saw its theft rate increase by 6% to 11% of the U.S. total. Florida, for the second year, claimed the fourth spot with 9% of the total, almost even with its theft rate in 2016. Georgia, which jumped back into the fifth rank in 2017, accounted for 9% of thefts, a surge of 76% over its 2016 theft rate. Illinois, displaced by Florida’s rise, placed sixth with 6% of thefts, and Tennessee held steady at number seven with 6% of thefts, a rise of 73%. Positions eight, nine, and ten did not appear on the top ten list in 2016, but Ohio (2%), Indiana (2%), and Washington (1%) each saw significant swells compared to their 2016 theft rate rising by 413%, 69% and 177%, respectively.

Source: SensiGuard

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