Transpacific trade is shaping up to be the new battle ground for ocean carriers

According to market analyst Alphaliner, the transpacific trade is shaping up to be the new battle ground for carriers.

“HMM, Korea Line and Zim are all eager to capture a share of the Far East – North America market, which is set to be dominated by the three carrier alliances – 2M, OCEAN Alliance and THE Alliance.

In addition, another two independent carriers, PIL and Wan Hai, have yet to announce their 2017 service plans, while Matson and Westwood Shipping are expected to retain their current transpacific niche services.

The carriers operating outside of the three main alliances, including HMM which was denied membership in the 2M VSA and which had to agree to a looser slot sharing agreement with Maersk and MSC last week, should have a collective market share of about 13%, posing a significant threat to the larger carriers.

Keen competition could foil the carriers’ bids to raise freight rates for the new transpacific annual contract season that starts from May 2017.”

Source: Alphaliner

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