Tribunal opens safeguard exclusions inquiry on certain steel goods

The Government of Canada enacted final safeguards on imports of heavy plate and stainless steel wire, two of the seven categories of steel which were originally targeted by provisional safeguards.

The subject countries are all countries except the United States, Mexico, Chile, Israel, Korea, Colombia, Honduras, Panama, Peru and all countries benefitting from the General Preferential Tariff.

The Canadian International Trade Tribunal was directed to conduct an inquiry regarding requests for exclusion from the final safeguard measures.

The Tribunal is to determine if there is at least one domestic source of supply for such goods, or if there is a firm and commercially viable plan to produce such goods domestically.

If the Tribunal determines that there is no domestic source of supply or firm and commercially viable plan to produce such goods domestically, the Tribunal will recommend the exclusion of the goods from the application of safeguard measures.

The Tribunal must report to the Minister of Finance by July 15, 2019.

Link: Notice of commencement of exclusions inquiry

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