U.S. House okays funding for icebreaker essential to Great Lakes shipping

A U.S. House committee has approved a budget of $350 million for a heavy Great Lakes icebreaker as part of its budget reconciliation bill, an action that the Great Lake Maritime Task Force (GLMTF) called “great news for the Great Lakes.”

The committee also approved $1 billion for U.S. Coast Guard shore side infrastructure nationwide.

The GLMTF described the heavy Great Lakes icebreaker as desperately needed and expects that a portion of the infrastructure funds will go to good use replacing and repairing crumbling Great Lakes search and rescue stations and other USCG facilities that are used to protect Great Lakes ports and waterways.

The GLMTF views a new heavy Great Lakes icebreaker as a step in the right direction for correcting years of economic devastation when commercial vessels have been trapped in ice for days and unable to deliver critical cargoes vital to the nation’s economic security.

The icebreaker is also the most valuable tool to combating ice jam flooding on rivers in the Great Lakes region.

Source: GLMTF

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