U.S. starts antidumping and countervailing investigations on Canadian softwood lumber

The U.S. Department of Commerce announced last Friday the initiation of antidumping duty and countervailing duty investigations of imports into the United States of certain softwood lumber products from Canada.

The merchandise subject to these investigations is softwood lumber, siding, flooring and certain other coniferous wood.

The petitioner requesting the investigations, the Committee Overseeing Action for Lumber International Trade Investigations or Negotiations, represents several industry associations and corporations.

In the next step to the investigations the U.S. International Trade Commission is scheduled to make its preliminary injury determinations on or before January 9, 2017.

If the Commission determines that there is a reasonable indication that imports of softwood lumber from Canada, materially injure, or threaten material injury to, the domestic industry, the investigations will continue and the Commerce Department will be scheduled to make its preliminary countervailing duty determination in February 2017 and its preliminary antidumping duty determination in May 2017, unless the statutory deadlines are extended.

If the Commission’s preliminary determinations are negative, the investigations will be terminated.

Link: Department of Commerce Fact Sheet (pdf)

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