US Custom Brokerage News

Exclusion of Particular Products From the Solar Products Safeguard Measure. The U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) has determined that particular products should be excluded from the safeguard measure applied to certain solar products and is modifying subchapter III of chapter 99 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States

USTR Fact Sheet on U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement Outcomes. The United States achieved important steps to improve the large trade deficit in industrial goods and to address KORUS implementation concerns that have hindered U.S. export growth

USTR Announces FY 2019 WTO Tariff-Rate Quota Allocations for Refined and Specialty Sugar and Sugar-Containing Products. TRQs allow countries to export specified quantities of a product to the United States at a relatively low tariff, but subject all imports of the product above a pre-determined threshold to a higher tariff

U.S. Timber Committee Responds to Peru’s Timber Verification. While the verification process highlighted progress that Peru has made over the years to address illegal logging, it also confirmed the challenges that remain to ensuring legality throughout the timber supply chain

Department of Commerce Establishes Improved Procedures for Section 232 Steel and Aluminum Exclusion Requests. These updates will help perfect the process to ensure a fair hearing for all parties involved

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