Volcano eruption shuts down Bali airport, disrupts regional flights

The closure of Denpasar airport in Bali Indonesia on Monday, due to the presence of volcanic ash in the surrounding airspace, has inevitably led to considerable disruption to airline operations and tens of thousands of passengers who were due to fly on services out of and into Bali, according to the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA).

Airlines have had to divert some enroute flights and cancel or reschedule many others as a result. AAPA says all affected airlines are closely monitoring developments, including updates provided by the Indonesian authorities, meteorological service providers and the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre for the region which is based in Darwin, Australia.

The timing of the reopening of Denpasar airport will very much depend on changes to the prevailing weather conditions, including the North Easterly winds which have spread the volcanic ash clouds which emanated from Mount Agung to cover an extended area of Bali including the airport location. In addition, the relevant air navigation service provider will need to be satisfied that the related air navigation corridors can be made available for use by airline operators.

The final decision to operate rests with individual airlines, based on comprehensive risk assessment methodologies.

Source: AAPA

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