9 mai 2023
Transport international

Asia-U.S. Sea Freight Price Hike, as Carriers Aim to Claw Back Profits

Veuillez noter que certaines nouvelles de transport international ainsi que les nouvelles américaines sont disponibles en anglais seulement.

The cost of sea freight from Asia to the U.S. is rising as container lines attempt to offset a drop in rates ahead of the so-called U.S. ‘importing season’ in the autumn.

The average spot-market price to ship a 40-foot container from Asia to the U.S. West Coast rose 34% over the past two weeks, to $1,659, according to Norway-based transport data firm Xeneta.

Several ocean carriers recently imposed general rate increases of about $600 per container on the trans-Pacific trade and the higher costs that Xeneta and other shipping data groups have reported since then signal customers in general have been willing to pay higher rates on the sector’s spot market.

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