25 janvier 2022
Transport international

Canadian Trucking Greets U.S. Border Vaccine Mandate with Trepidation — and Shrugs

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Like many cross-border trucking companies in Canada, Ontario-based Star Van Systems feared it would lose a chunk of its drivers – up to 15% – to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate that took effect at the U.S. border on Saturday.

But something happened as the deadline approached: Drivers started getting vaccinated, said General Manager Brenden Smith.

“A lot of guys have made the choice to end up getting vaccinated or are now in the process of that,” Smith said. “So we’re only expected to lose about, I’d say, 3% to 4% of our drivers over this.”

As a result, Smith isn’t that worried about the mandate. The 100-truck carrier, which specializes in hauling fresh produce between the U.S. and Canada, is still able to meet its commitments to customers, he said.

It’s unclear just how typical Star Van Systems is among Canadian trucking companies, as it may take weeks to fully understand how many unvaccinated drivers elect to stay that way.

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