7 juin 2022
Transport international

Driver-Equipment Shortages and Driver Inc. Top Concerns for Trucking Execs: Survey

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Demand for trucking services has increased beyond what trucking companies can handle in certain markets, causing some carriers to turn away loads, according to a Nanos survey of leading trucking executives.


Nanos, which conducted the survey on behalf of the Canadian Trucking Alliance, interviewed 36 senior executives, representing companies that operate over 39,000 trucks, employ over 40,000 full- and part-time employees and transported over 2.2 million loads in 2021.


While most respondents reported that trucking activity excelled in the first half of 2022, about a third stated demand hasn’t directly increased, but a shortage of drivers and trucks has led to a reduction of available capacity. A return to full capacity of the economy and customer demand will exacerbate this problem.


Additionally, the trucking executives view the current supply chain as weaker than it was a year ago, due mainly to a lack of access to drivers, equipment and parts.


When asked about the top issues of concern, there were was an overwhelming consensus of the top three issues: (1) Driver Shortage (2) Equipment Shortage (3) Driver Inc.


Read more in a news release from the Canadian Trucking Alliance.

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