10 janvier 2023
Transport international

Lithium-Ion Battery Transport Causing More Catastrophic Transport Events

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The increasing demand for electric-powered vehicles and devices is posing a risk for transportation.

TT Club, UK P&I Club and technical and scientific consultancy Brookes Bell have published a paper highlighting the dangers inherent in the transport of lithium-ion batteries, particularly by sea.

The paper outlines many of the numerous challenges facing the transport industry and raises awareness of the potentially catastrophic situation that can be caused by battery failure. TT Club said the paper was produced to correct the widely held perception in the maritime community that risks in the supply chain of such products are relatively small.

As loss prevention director of the UK P&I Club, Stuart Edmonston is no stranger to the damage ship fires can cause. “The consequences of battery failure and the resultant thermal runaway must be clearly understood and the correct procedures for handling them adhered to throughout their lifespan. The dangers can exist no matter the status of the battery – charged, semi-charged, used, second-hand or scrap – and whether present in devices and vehicles or packaged separately.”

Read more in an article from Inside Logistics.

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