22 février 2022
Transport international

Port Congestion Eases in the United States, Shifts to Asia

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The U.S. West and East Coast ports saw a reduction in port congestion during January, as workers cleared a substantial backlog amid COVID-19 outbreaks, according to the supply chain visibility platform provider Project44.

Particularly, the number of days that ships were waiting to berth at U.S. ports, on average, fell from 14.1 days in December to 7.4 days in January.

However, while there was some easement at U.S. ports, including Los Angeles and Long Beach, congestion shifted to Asian ports, which recorded an increase from 13 days to 16.7 days, on average, from December to January.

Among the Asian ports, Hong Kong recorded the biggest increase, from an average of 17.5 days in December to 22.5 days in January.

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